Friday, April 20, 2007

Google wants to add to your games.

After reading THIS article, I had to release yet another long sigh. A long sigh in a sea of many. I'm still not sold (or likely will be in the near future) on the idea of ad space being sold in video games. Something tells me that they will do more harm than good, and become as distracting as their cyberspace counterparts. After all, have you ever known a marketer who subscribed to the philosophy of moderation? I think not.

I first noticed the whole ad thing with Need For Speed Underground 2, which in itself was an ad dressed up as a video game, if you ask me. I cringe at the thought of what could be coming our way in the future, now that the Goliath known as google has a say. I swear to God, if pop open Resident Evil 5 down the road and see Zombies drinking designer bottled water, I just might lose it.

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