Friday, April 20, 2007

Forget Consoles, It's all about the handhelds?

I found THIS article a little surprising, but I guess I really shouldn't have been taken back by what it's saying. Just when you think the PS2 is going to maintain a stranglehold on the record books for most successful console ever (after all, it's still selling games by the boatload), you take another glance at the DS, and realize you've got it all wrong. It's really about Nintendo's handhelds.

I'm personally not a big handheld gamer, since the screens are just a wee bit too small for my liking. However, millions of other people all over the world don't share my limited view. In fact, analysts (just keep in mind that their name starts with anal, so we can't take them too seriously) seem to think that the DS is on track to sell over 10 billion dollars worth in 2007 alone. Most impressive.

Now excuse me while I continue to ignore the DS sitting on top of my tv, and go play some Xbox 360 for a while.

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