Friday, April 20, 2007

How To Free A Wii, And Pound A Box At The Same Time!

With it's killer lineup of great games, and it's unbeatable online experience, I was under the delusion that the Xbox 360 was going to be the console to keep up with this generation. Thanks to Gamestop , I now know I was hiding from the truth. In essence, I was living a lie. *Insert Emo Tear Here*

After all, the 360 was the console that, by all appearances, seemed to have a lot of things going for it. Besides the plusses I mentioned above, it had the pleasure of being the console that was priced somewhere in the middle of the road. If you were to create a spreadsheet and mark the benefits of each (graphing out the results, of course), it would certainly look like the Xbox offered the most value for your hard earned dollar.

That all came to a crashing halt when THIS newsletter hit my inbox yesterday. You see, the Wii may have been selling like hotcakes on it's own, but it desperately needed that extra special touch that only a greedy multimillion dollar company can give it, to really compete with the "must have" console that Sony pushed out the door. Never mind unsold PS3's that I still see at all the major retail outlets. For all I know, I'm just delusional. It's really Sony's world, and the rest of us are just fortunate enough to live in it. But I digress..

The bad news is that the Xbox 360 has been pushed aside by the only retailer that counts, and it hurts. Had I known this was going to happen ahead of time, I never would have waited outside patiently for the concave goodness that is the 360, on it's launch date. Instead, it would have been much wiser of me to have waited for Gamestop to declare the real players in the game, and waited eagerly for my overpriced bundles to arrive in the mail. Why I didn't just run out and buy a PS3 (even without any games to back up it's already unwarranted price tag) at launch is beyond me. What was I thinking?

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